Who Can Federate Tool: Check which Outlook contacts have Microsoft Lync

The WCF Tool (who can federate tool) will scan through your Outlook contacts and give you a “heads up” on which of your business partners have public Microsoft Lync or OCS federation enabled. This is a great tool to run for people who do or don’t have Microsoft Lync to show them who they could connect with in their own contact list.

To Install:

  • Download and unzip
  • Run/click on the setup.exe

How To Run:

  • Select which Outlook folder you want to scan
  • Select if you want auto submit new domains to Lync Federation Directory Project and click “Scan” to start.
  • See contacts that may be federation enabled. If you have Lync/OCS installed you can click to immediately test.


  • You need to have Outlook (tested with Outlook 2010) installed on pc running this tool
  • Outlook 2007 works but there is no “Suggested Contacts” folder
  • The tool uses data from the Lync Federation Directory Project as well as live DNS queries, which requires internet access to return results. Without internet access the WCF Tool will still return hits from the LFDP domain list.


  • Depending on security settings you may need to click “Allow” to an Outlook dialog.
  • Depending on Windows or other software firewall settings you may need to “Allow” this app.

Known Issues:

  • If you try to run a scan without Outlook installed you will get an error.
  • Contacts that are returned as Lync/OCS need to be verified by you.

Release Notes:

  • Release v1.2 (11/28/2011)
    • New Directory def. list with +800 entries
    • New display grid (to facilitate more information with returned contact in future)
    • Click on a contact to open a session using Lync/OCS to immediately test if federation is open
    • Copy hits/returns or new domains to clipboard
    • “auto submit new domains” check box (Note: uncheck before scan if you don’t want to submit)
  • Release v1.1 (11/16/2011)
    • Show how many Contact “Hits” returned
    • Ability to Submit domains returned to the Lync Federation Directory Project by clicking File | Submit… after scanning.
    • Updated application icon
  • Release v1.0
    • basic functionality

Roadmap (very tentative, top of list more likely)

  • Application cert
  • Even smoother “new domains” submission process
  • More information with each hit: if known to be open, what type of server?


The guys at Landis Computer, which makes this tool amazing!

The Lync Federation Directory Project data makes this tool run 10x faster than without.




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