Lync Phones Rebooting on POE Switch

Having just completed an implementation of Lync Server 2013 with the EV Side utilising Polycom CX500, CX600, and CX3000 phones as well as some Aries. In addition to the new phone hardware, we also upgraded the Switches to Cisco Catalyst 3750 which supports the LLDP-MEP option for VLAN segregation (rather than using the DHCP scope options).

So all is good until a few days into the project where as soon as a user started to use their PC the phone would reboot which was very strange. This was only happening on the Aries phones initially. To cut a long story short the power saving modes of the Aries Phones and a PoE/LLDP-MEP currently has an issue. There are three stages of power on the phones, full, idle, and sleep. When the phones were jumping from sleep to full as soon as the user touches their PC. The solution was simple – disable LLDP-MEP on the Cisco switches globally and add the DHCP options to assign the voice VLAN. As soon as we did this we had no more problems.


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