Lync Server 2013 – CU December 2012 – Music on Hold

Microsoft released CU December 2012 for Lync Phone Edition on 21st December. Now whilst most people are on holiday I thought I would quickly blog what this CU brings to the table. The latest Lync Phone Edition firmware is for both Lync Server 2010 and Lync Server 2013.

The software is now called Lync Phone Edition and works with both 2010 and 2013 editions. The biggest thing we have been waiting for in Lync Serve is MOH (Music on Hold). AT LAST WE HAVE IT. However, not for the CX800 or LG-Nortel 8540 which I am gutted about considering 90% of our phones throughout our entire estate are these models, the reason is due to the lack of memory in the older phones :-(. Some of us do have the new CX600’s but I doubt management will replace the £400 CX700’s just for this feature. Also note you cannot customize the MOH file as it is static.

Here’s the links:

Product Version



Lync Phone Edition [Polycom CX700 and LG-Nortel IP Phone 8540] 4.0.7577.4363


MS download

Lync Phone Edition [Polycom CX500, CX600, and CX3000] 4.0.7577.4366


MS download

Lync Phone Edition [Aastra 6721ip and 6725ip] 4.0.7577.4366


MS download

Lync Phone Edition [HP 4110 and 4120] 4.0.7577.4366


MS download

So how do you update you Lync Phones?  First, download the EXE files then extract them to someone on your Front End Servers, something like c:\updates this is extract the file which we can then deploy by running the following command:

Import-CsDeviceUpdate -Identity Service:WebServer:lyncfrontend.domain.local -FileName C:\updates\

Now go into the Lync Control Panel and approve the updates for the devices:


Hey presto, its done.  Now wait, it does take a while.  You can manually reboot the phones and just leave them inactive and they will eventually update (ive never actually worked out what the criteria is as some do it straight away some take upto 24 hours in the real world) however you can check the states by looking at the logs in C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC<randomID>

Happy MOH, oh and Christmas.







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